Ringcraft Training.

This type of training is designed to help you and your dog prepare for the show ring. All dogs need to learn to socialize and mix with all types and breeds, with the owners being able to show how to handle their particular breed. Confidence is then improved by running through in correct show format, the standing and moving of your dog.

At present the Club is unable to offer Ringcraft classes locally, however, classes are available at Llanon village hall each Wednesday evening at 7.30pm and everyone is welcome.

These evenings are not just for the serious show handler, they provide the ideal environment for socialisation of young puppies from 12 weeks to 6 months of age, where they will become accustomed to being handled on the table (useful for visits to the Vet) behaving well in the company of other dogs and not least, walking nicely on a lead.

We would encourage all owners of new pups to go to a few meetings, your puppy does not have to be registered or a pedigree to take part.

The evening is relaxed and also includes time for a break for tea and socialisation of owners!