Heelwork to Music

Heelwork to music

Heelwork to Music.

Heelwork to music (or HTM) is a dog competition giving owners or handlers of their dogs, an opportunity to show off their skills in obedience by doing "heelwork" and "freestyle" movements which are combined with music.

The 'routines' and choice of music are devised by the owners or handlers, and a typical routine normally lasts 2 min 30 sec in starter level, going up to 4 mins in advanced level. The choice of music is also very important in devising a routine.

This routine can really demonstrate the teamwork and skills developed between the owner/handler and their dog.

There are two types of class:

Heelwork - which concentrates on a dog's ability to stay in different heel position's while the owner/handler moves to music. The dog must stay in one of eight Heel positions for over two thirds of the routine.

Freestyle - the dog is required to show a variety of tricks and other obedience skills that are not necessarily at the heel position which must not constitute more than one third of the routine.

Can my dog take part ?

HTM is available for all dogs to try, so your dog can be a pedigree, pure-bred or a cross breed.

For competition, dogs must be 12 months or over to enter the Heelwork Class and 18 months or over to enter the Freestyle Class, but training can begin earlier, with a limit on the amount of 'back leg work' asked of him.

If you decide that you would like to try HTM or Freestyle then contact the club or watch this website for further details.

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