Events & Charities


Events & Charities.

All information about future club events, meetings and courses can be found in the club newsletter.

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Unfortunately there are no fundraising events planned at the moment; so bearing that in mind the committee have decided not to name a chosen charity for us to sponsor this year, instead, we will have a "dog fund".

Any money raised will go into the fund and be carried along until we reach a tidy sum, then a charity will be decided upon.

Events and Charities All events may be subject to alteration nearer the date due to unforeseen circumstances, or, for outdoor events, the weather. Please contact the organiser of the event to check that no changes have occurred and for further details. Please remember that all non-members and guests must pay a nominal fee of £1 at walks and other free events to maintain our insurance cover. If you have any ideas for other events we might run in the future, then please contact your trainer.