The Aberystwyth Dog Training Club was originally set up by Rod and Karen Derrick in 1986, the proud owners of a Giant Schnauzer.

Together with Mrs. Griffith of the "Seabank Hotel", who owned a Great Dane, they had identified a need in the area for some tuition in dog training and through mutual help and learning they hoped to gain better understanding of their dogs and the best way to set about training them.

The idea quickly took off.

In the beginning, two trainers were invited to help them in the venture.

Roma Hollands was interested in competition obedience and trained with the club for some years before leaving the area.

Joan Astill became one of the mainstay of the club, she trained obedience and agility and was very interested in all area of dog training including working trials.

Currently the club meets at the "Capel Bangor Village Hall", Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's for weekly classes.

For those interested in Agility, the club meets on Monday evening at the Cwm Rheidol Riding Centre in Capel Bangor. Booking for this is essential

Heelwork to Music and Clicker Training are available on demand.